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The PPDM Association (Professional Petroleum Data Management Association) is a not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains standards for the Resource Industry. With over 100 member companies comprised of petroleum businesses, governments, data vendors, software vendors and service firms, the association provides a roundtable process to bring experts together to build useful, business-driven standards. Read about the History of PPDM.

PPDM Relational Models

This section covers the PPDM Relational Model, through all the versions. Check here for specific information on the Modules, tables, and documentation. This documentation is not complete, but is being enhanced over time. Your contributions are welcome.

Architectural Principles

The PPDM Architectural Principles document contains the rules and guidelines that govern the development of the PPDM data model. Architectural Principles establish procedures for naming tables, columns and constraints. They also provide guidelines about how columns should be formatted, how reference tables should be used and how common subject areas, such as Geodetics or Units of Measure should be managed. This section is not editable.

Taxonomy Dimensions

Taxonomies are used to classify records such as unstructured documents so that each document will be easy to identify and retrieve later. Traditionally, records managers created a single corporate taxonomy that combined many kinds of information in a single classification system. Each record was assigned to a single complex class (node) in the corporate taxonomy.


Terminology used by the industry and PPDM.


On the forum at www.ppdm.org you will find the answers to most of your questions, if not post a question for the members to answer.

Getting started

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